Próximos programas y cursos que se realizarán el la Bihar School of Yoga

Sept 22 – 30                Hatha Yoga / Karma Yoga Training
Oct 3 – 12                    Raja Yoga / Bhakti Yoga Training
Nov 3 – 10                   Kriya Yoga / Jnana Yoga Training
Oct 17 – 30                  Progressive Yoga Vidya Training
July 18, 2024 - Jan 18, 2025    Yoga Chakra Experience (6-month)
Please note that the following trainings have been rescheduled to the following dates:
Sept 24 – 30                Hatha Yoga Yatra 5
Oct 6 – 12                    Raja Yoga Yatra 5
The dates of the Munger Yoga Symposium 2024 will be 17th to 23rd November 2024. Participants need to have a minimum of five years of yoga training in the Satyananda Yoga tradition. Further details regarding application will be available on our website soon.

In addition, a 10-week Sannyasa Experience will also be conducted from 1st September to 10th November 2024, and 1st December 2024 to 9th February 2025 for overseas aspirants. 
Details regarding these trainings and application forms are available in our website: As the places for these trainings are limited, those who are interested should send their applications as soon as possible. 

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